Monday, June 24, 2013

Tiffany & Jon {Niagara on the lake engagement photographer}

Tiffany and Jon. They are officially the cutest couple in the world. Everything he says makes her laugh. He gazes at her like he is the luckiest man in the world. They both are.

We photographed their engagement last Friday evening and the weather was absolutely brilliant. It was warm, golden and slightly breezy. They came prepared with a few outfits, a great spirit and their very own hand made look alike Muppets from NYC!

I loved that Tiffany was not afraid to venture into spots we were not necessarily allowed to go. Like in the private marina. Where we spoke really loudly about how awesome it would be if we were just allowed into the private space for one epic engagement shot. When that subtlety, along with batting our eyelashes didn't work, we flat out asked if we could enter the premises. No. Awwww shucks. But alas, she found a gate that was open and we quickly took some shots as our boys watched on pretending they didn't know us and the local members were scurrying to lock the rif-raf out of their prestigious compound. We were quick and we got the shots.

Tiffany is obsessed with the sky. I wasn't sure she was going to get that pink sky she based the view of her wedding ceremony around. But luck was on our side again.

To the both of you: you two were so much fun. You're classy, genuinely kind and it's obvious to anyone that you are in love.

We cannot wait to join you and your guests at your very intimate fall wedding at Inn on the Twenty. Hope you like the sneek peeks.




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  1. Wendy and Michael,

    We had a wonderful time with you! The pictures are beautiful! It was easy to see how passionate you are about your work. You made us feel so comfortable from the first second of shooting to the last. We can't wait to shoot again at the wedding!

    Tiffany & Jon