Monday, October 8, 2012

If I could be her....

I've never wanted to be anyone else but me, but last night, I let my cousin know that if I could be anyone, it would be her. My God. What a beautiful soul, inside and out and it was an absolutely perfect day to photograph their wedding. Hundreds of people have supported these two from the beginning of their journey. I cannot even begin to put it into words what it was like witnessing the love of their family and so many friends. You get what you give in the world and Lindsay and Andrew did nothing but give during their entire wedding process. I have to first digest the entire thing and then swoon about it to you all. We have an amazing family and there will be a full blog post to follow. For now, Happy Thanksgiving, congratulations to Linds & Andrew on their amazing day and cheers to your new life together. We love you so very much!




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