Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Daniela & Franco {Niagara Falls Engagement Photographer}

They say that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your clients in terms of repeat business. This is true in our case but also true in terms of referrals. One of our clients has brought us so many weddings, I feel I owe them for life.

Daniela and Franco were one of those couples. She went to Chiropractor school with two of our 2012 grooms. We met with them over drinks at the beach this summer and I know I always say this, but we stayed for hours and felt like we were long-time chums.

Franco is a chef and Daniela is crazy for photos so you can imagine how much the four of us had to talk about. When we started to plan their engagement session, they were trying to think of the perfect location. Daniela emailed me asking if it was okay to shoot their photos in her uncle's mansion. When we arrived, it was clearly the largest building in the entire area, including a local college.

Michael and I were like kids, running through every single room in the house trying to find the perfect shot or spot to shoot. It's overwhelming and you don't want to miss a square inch. We tried our best to chase the light and when it went down, experimented with flash. We were in love with how the photos turned out. Here is a glimpse into our evening last night!



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