Sunday, October 14, 2012

A vintage love affair....Krissy & Don

It was the best fifty bucks I ever spent. This was the fee to become part of a fearless photographer's blog to get noticed from brides around the world. When Krissy met with me, I asked how she had found me and she said on this site. She mentioned she had searched through hundreds of sites and narrowed down the search to two. She met with us and another local photographer and said it came down to personality and editing. We hit it off with her and Don instantly. In fact during our consultation, they didn't leave our home until well past midnight. I got a chuckle in the washroom at their wedding when Krissy's mom said she heard they didn't get home from our house the other night until well after 2 am. She wondered what on earth we had to talk about.

We have been so fortunate this year to work with so many amazing couples and families who have become lifelong friends. There is something so important and intimate about being permitted to document these monumental moments. When we started chatting with Krissy and Don about their plans, I knew I was going to be taking part in something special. 

I was so nervous to step up to this particular honor. Krissy's brother who is also a photographer was to be also shooting this day and her dad was a professional photographer back in his day. We always ask if there are any special circumstances that we should be sensitive on the wedding day (divorce, death etc) and she mentioned that her parents were divorced but that it was a non-issue. Her dad suffers from Alzheimer's and she wasn't sure how much he would understand was taking place on this special day.

I arrived to the usual hustle and bustle of the bride's home. Girls laughing, makeup strewn and lots of candid moments. I am positive Aaron, the bride's brother got some amazing shots this day. I'm in love with his photo journalistic style and you can check out his work here. I noticed that Krissy had mentioned to her dad several times about the wedding and I pulled her aside and asked if that is something that is done to help with the memory. When we are not affected, we can be so unaware and ignorant to what other people go through and how their caregivers cope.

After photographing the bride and Michael doing the same with the groom, the plan was to meet at a beautiful spot that they had picked out for a first look before their late afternoon ceremony. This is something that is becoming more popular and I absolutely love it. It allows an intimate moment between the couple and ample time for photographs, in which at a later time the couple are able to enjoy cocktail hour with their guests and actually be part of their day instead of seeing it in photographs.

I saw Don quietly standing on a bridge overlooking the waterfall. There was beautiful light streaming in through the trees and he looked so pensive and still. I didn't want to interrupt these moments as I felt it would intrude on a very private moment. With my telephoto lens, I documented his very emotional reaction as Krissy walked towards him, arm in arm with her brother. It was something I will never forget and I'm sure they won't either. 

The bridal party strolled in from a distance with their congratulations and we continued to photograph. It was a cold day and they were all troopers. I love how Don wrapped his bride in a cable knit blanket, as she was shivering all day long in the crisp fall air. We all headed to Dundurn Castle for some portraits and we had so much fun with this amazing bridal party. They all looked like they stepped off the pages of a couture magazine. People have asked me over and over if Krissy and Don are models. I always respond:  no...they are just that beautiful. For real. And from within. We then were on our merry way to the gorgeous Whitehern House for the ceremony. It was as if we stepped into a magical secret garden. The couple's personalized touches were everywhere, including their doggy Lincoln who was a ring bearer. The ceremony was performed by Julie, the groom's sister and a special balloon was released in honor of loved ones lost. A string trio played, and the three photographers did our dodge dance to stay out of each other's way. There were also some very eager family photographers who managed to get their shots as well. I'm sure we were all in each other's way at some point but that's how the day usually rolls.

The wedding venue was stunning. Burlington Golf & Country Club did a top notch job with service and food and I have to give a special shout out to the vendors of this day. Please see my Facebook page for all the links to the makeup, hair, wedding planner, limo driver, band and cake decorator as they all did an outstanding job! Nothing was overlooked at this wedding.

The speeches were woven in through dinner. Michael ran to Shopper's Drug Mart to get some extra batteries as seemingly all of ours (and there are many) were low and we forgot our charger. No sweat. (I can say that now, right?) There were many tears including my own. The maid of honor and Krissy's best friend got up to speak. She let her know that they are soul mates, kindred spirits and proceeded to recite vows as a husband would a wife. I promise to be true to you, in goodness and in bad, in sickness and in health. God only knows what I'd be without you. 

Bawling. Everybody.

Parents of both the bride and groom got up to speak with pride and joy about their children. Dr. Krissy Pozzer an Optometrist and Don Lesar, a Physiotherapist have grown to be kind, successful and extremely loved and genuine people. The love that was in these words was too much for me to handle as I quietly sobbed behind my shield of a camera.

Krissy and Don got up to say some words. We were shocked that we were the first to be thanked and in a very heartfelt way. If you read closely on the She and He artwork that they each wrote about the other, he said she doesn't need any new friends. I let her know at the end of the night that I know she has enough, but I would be honored to be her friend. Just being in her presence made me a better person. Krissy went on to talk about Don and how he specifically chose a home with a finished basement so that her dad could move in with them. Not many people would take on this responsibility, but in choking back tears, she said that Don never even batted an eyelash at the idea.

A slideshow of memories was presented by a cousin of Don's. These were obviously photos from the earlier years, back when Krissy's dad was able to document their lives in still frames and although we are not sure if he quite knew was was happening on this day, he was smiling and laughing in all of the photos. Krissy got to have her dad at her wedding day which is more than some could hope for.

I received a text message the next day from the new bride and groom, sitting in the airport ready to go to Hawaii. Their words and friendship is something that I cannot explain and in a few short days, I have had many requests and bookings from their guests; some who have never even seen my work but who claim they watched Michael and I all day long and that we never stop. And it's true, we don't. Because we love what we do, and are beyond honoured to call this a job. Krissy and Don are the type who offered us to place our business cards next to their guest book on their wedding day. In no shape or form would I intrude in such a way yet they have managed to spread the word far and wide about us. We are so grateful to them for so much.

Krissy and Don, may you love each other the only way you know how and have a life surrounded with the beauty that you offer to others. It's often anticlimatic after a wedding...some couples are just clients and some are so much more. When it's over, it's sad but when a lifelong friendship continues, it makes everything better.

We love you SO much!



p.s. If you don't see yourself in these photos, don't fear. We have 1000 more images to share with Krissy & Don and you will surely find yourself in these.


  1. Wendy, these photos are beyond incredible... Looking through them felt like reliving the most special moments of the day and brought me to tears. You have captured all of the beauty and love that surrounded us all that day in picture, which will allow those memories to last forever. There is no greater gift that any of us involved could be given. You have a very rare gift and I'm so glad you found your calling in photography because it has brought such great joy to so many lives, especially Don and Krissy's. Thank you so, so much for all of your hard work and dedication to this wedding, and for making my best friend so very happy. I know you don't even need to ask if she has room for one more friend, you are already in her heart for life.

    xo Teresa

  2. Amazingly Beautiful couple.. Inside and Out. I love your blog post Wendy.